5 Moves to Get Rid of Love Handles

Do you have unappealing deposits of extra fat around your abdomen and waist? It is love handles that you may find nearly impossible to get rid of by following normal weight loss exercises. Many people get love handles and some of them try their best to get rid of it. Of course, it is not an easy task to do because of the stubborn fat accumulated around the abdomen. It requires determination and a positive frame of mind to get rid of it. Try below given 5 moves to get rid of love handles.

1. Bicycle

Let’s start with an exercise, which many people believe is easy to perform in comparison to others. No, you don’t need to ride a bicycle around the town or in the gym. You will have to perform this exercise on the floor. Lie down on the mat and now bend the right leg towards your chest and keep the left leg stretched. Create a 90° angle between both legs and then alter their positions. Repeat the exercise for at-least 20 reps and then move to the next exercises.

2. Russian Twist

It is an exercise that will make you feel that you are about to burn the love handles within a few days. You will have to sit on the floor to practice this exercise, bend both of your legs, and then slightly push your upper body towards the floor to make a 30-45° angle. Now lift both of your legs from the ground and then start twisting the upper body from right to left and left to right. 20-25 repetitions would be better if you want to lose the extra fat faster. You can also hold a ball or dumbbells in your hands to put more pressure on the abdominal muscles.

3. Mountain climbers

It seems easy, but actually, it is a difficult and a very beneficial exercise to get rid of love handles. Many fitness experts believe that you can quickly burn the extra fat around your waist and abdominal muscles if you daily practice the mountain climbers exercise. It involves a continuous movement of leg muscles and abdominal muscles, thereby you lose stubborn fat and burn it. You should get in the pushup position to start the mountain climbers exercise. Now bring your right knee below the chest and then put it back in the starting position and then repeat the same thing with the left leg. Keep repeating this exercise by starting slowly and then improve the speed.

4. Foot to Foot Crunch

It is another great exercise that many people try to maintain a sexy and fit body. You can put a lot of pressure over the accumulated fat by practicing foot to foot crunch exercise. Lay down on the mat and then raise your head up towards the knees. Now touch your right feet with the right hand and then get back to the starting position. Now practice the same movement with the left hand. 20-25 reps would be enough for a day.

5. Side Plank Hip Dip

It may seem like a tough move. Of course, you will need a few days’ practice to perform it perfectly, but very soon you will be able to perform it and its benefits would be awesome. Get your body in the push-up plank position and then move towards the right side and put your left foot on the right foot. Now get your right hand in the air and push the hips down and then up. Repeat 10-10 rips from the both sides. You will burn the extra fat and get rid of love handles quickly if you try this exercise.

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