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10 Foods to Get Flat & Sexy Abs

Getting a Flat belly and having sexy abs is always a dream for everyone. Everyone wants to look good and feel confident about their body. People often forget taking care of themselves and end up neglecting their diet and healthy food habits. They indulge in eating junk food which is not good for their health and body. The harsh truth is it’s easy to get a flat stomach but having sexy abs is not that easy. It is very important to autoxidize to bring your dream abs into reality. Here are the lists of all the top 10 food items that will help you get flat and sexy abs.

The 10 Best Foods for Flat Abs

  1. Almonds – Almonds are full of fiber and protein which will help the body, and it will work as an antioxidant and give your body vitamin E. It will help your body to maintain muscle tissue and produce energy and control blood sugar levels. You should try having an ounce of almonds daily.

  2. Eggs – Eggs are the example of perfect protein source. Dietitians always recommend eggs because it has a balance of amino acids which help to produce muscle fiber and brain chemicals. The egg also helps to control the diet because it helps everyone to control their diet. An egg a day is recommended to gain flat and sexy abs.

  3. Soy – This is a great example of antioxidant, protein and fiber. Soybeans taste wonderful and can be had with anything. If you want to skip your meal without harming your diet try out the liquid soy. Twenty-five grams of soy is recommended to have on a day to day basis to lose the excess weight.

  4. Apple – This is a highly recommended food by experts to lose weight. A large size apple has approximately five grams of fiber, and the apple contains about eighty-five percent of water which helps to fill the stomach and also helps to lose weight. One apple a day is recommended to lose out on the excess weight rapidly.

  5. Berries – Berries are the every dieter’s best friend. Experts have always recommended having more fiber if losing weight is a priority and berries being a fruit with a high level of antioxidants are hugely recommended. Berries not only help your body to lose weight but also help in protecting the body from chronic disease like cancer. At least half a cup of berries is recommended on a day to day basis of consumption.

  6. Leafy Greens – Helps in curing cancer and is a great source of calcium. Calcium helps in muscle contraction which is very important for getting a flat stomach. Try having leafy greens three times in a day, from your sandwich to your soup mix it with everything.

  7. Yogurt – This is also a great source of calcium. People who eat yogurt to get their calcium end up losing more weight than others. Yogurt also helps to keep the digestive system clean which is very important for the body. One to two cups of yogurt is enough for the body on a daily basis.

  8. Veggie Soup – Soup helps in losing weight and also fills up the stomach which helps to lose out on a lot of weight. On a daily basis, one cup of soup with low sodium and calories is recommended.

  9. Salmon – Seafood like fishes which are fat in nature has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids which is very healthy and helps a lot of having sexy abs. Two to three times a week is the recommended amount of salmon.

  10. Quinoa – Pronounced as KEEN-wah, is a type of whole grain which has to be cooked before having. It is very chewy in texture and helps in losing weight. The recommended amount is half a cup per day.

Losing out on weight is not enough to get your dream abs, working out along with it is very important. Junk foods should be strictly avoided and living a healthy lifestyle is very important too. As it is always said, Fitness is a step toward greatness. Stay fit and healthy and have your dream flat sexy abs.