John Hartman’s Fight 4 Family Review

Would it be correct to say that love plays a major part in ensuring that there are happiness and unity in a family? Well, the answer would be a big yes. In our present world, sometimes it is the ability to get physical and stand up for your family could possibly be the bond that binds your loved ones and you at the end. To assist you to be ready for unplanned eventualities that may happen to you at any given time, fight 4 family program will be of great assistance.

Does Fight 4 Family Really Work?

A large number of people or families are victims of unforeseen attacks and the results are a loss of property or even loss of lives in most cases. All that could have been prevented if they were well prepared for the eventuality. This is where the fight 4 family program comes in, designed by a qualified instructor who also possesses vast military experience to assist you to learn all you need to know to be prepared for any eventuality. It will help you be self-confident and strong enough to face any unforeseen eventuality to protect yourself and your loved ones. Although the Fight 4 family guide is not a Taekwondo or karate teaching program, it is a practical approach that can be used to approach combat confrontations in real life. Unlike practicing what we see on movies and end up wasting time and energy, the techniques in fight 4 family are applicable.

About the Author

The author of this program is a man by the name of John Hartman. He is a retired member of U.S army and also is certified survival and disaster expert who believes that popular martial arts such as kickboxing, judo, and taekwondo are not applicable in real life since they don’t come out naturally. In this program, he teaches you simple yet lethal tactics as well as blueprints that are user-friendly you can use to make powerful homemade weapons to protect yourself, family and property. On this program, his emphasis is on closely guarded techniques that will assist you to take down an opponent whether he is bigger, stronger or even more aggressive.

The Pros And Cons Of The Fight 4 family Guide

• What to never do when being followed in the streets, not unless you want to hurt yourself

• The 6 secret techniques that should be used in life-threatening situations

• A simple and brutal technique for defending yourself  that will surely guarantee that you knock out, break nose or teeth of your opponent

• How to use your best technique correctly, that is the primal move and much more

• Why never to engage in a fistfight with an attacker what to do instead of that

• The most destructive weapons you must know about that people carry all the time. What is more is that for every user who purchases this program, John will provide 3 items at no extra cost.

• The underground weapons guide that will show you how to build 5 weapons from scratch that are dangefight-4-familyrous

• The Plan B survival guide to using as your last resort when everything else has failed

• A fighting fit guide that involves 22 videos that will assist you to become fast and physically strong

Fight 4 family program better than guns since there are scenarios you just can’t pull out a gun and shoot. It offers a sense of security especially if you live in an area with a high rate of crime. It is an affordable option when compared to attending martial arts classes. Fight 4 family survival guide is a fast way to learn about self-defense since you do not need to months to master techniques taught here.

What I Don’t Like

• It does not talk much about the author’s experience in the field

• It is a digital training system that may not suit you if you have a slow internet connection

Final Verdict

Although there are many courses similar to fight 4 family. There are several attributes that make it the best choice for many people. Considering all the information that comes with this program it is only right to say that the price is relatively fair. What is more is that the fight 4 family is suitable for many people regardless of physical fitness, gender, knowledge about martial arts and age. The simple techniques are quick to learn and hence you can enjoy the fight 4 family with your family.