How to straighten bow legs naturally?

Bow legs have been a problem for longer time and researchers have shown that people all over the world have been the victim of this disease. To be frank this is a problem that most of the babies born with but the problem starts to turn big when they start to grow up. As they grow up the problem gets bigger in some cases and children who become the victim of bow legs tend to face challenges in various cases.

Not only children, adults also may have the same kind of issues with their legs. Now the question that gets into mind is whether bow legs can actually be cured? Yes! Bow legs can be cured. One of the solutions that are readily available is the surgery. Most of the people would be hesitant to go for a surgery but the common perception about bow legs is such that they will be forced to go for the surgery.
Even though you can cure bow legs with the help of surgery, but still, the question that always stays alive, is it possible to straighten bow legs without surgery? The answer is Yes! It is possible to get a solution for bow legs even without the surgery.

There are quite a few remedies available using which you can actually eliminate the bow legs very easily. But even before you start going through the methods that can help you out, you need to understand one thing very carefully. These methods are all natural and do not involve any kind of medication so you will have to trust in them and wait for the result to show up. The only thing that may make you a bit concerned is that these are not magical treatments and cannot fix your bow legs in few days. Unfortunately, there are no methods found till date that can fix bow legs problems in just a few days.

Home Remedies For Bow Legs

Amongst the popular home remedies for bow legs, Exercise is the best solution to give proper strength to your bowed legs.

Bowlegs is a disease that makes you feet and ankles come closer than your knees. When a baby is born, he or she must have this exact shape but as they grow, the legs should get fixed itself. But in case the legs do not get into normal position by the age of 3, you need to assume that you will face the problems of bow legs.

To fix the bow legs issues, it is necessary that you follow those exercises only that will improve the strength in your muscles of knees and upper thighs. This will allow you to change the leg position gradually. You need to have patience and go through a set of exercises that will help you stay steady and eventually eliminate the bow legs. These home remedies for bow legs are not something that will work in 1-2 days, you will have to go through the steps every day and repeat them until you see any kind of change in your legs. Also, you will have to follow the Yoga and the Pilates as well.

6 Exercises To Correct Bow Legs

These are some of the exercises that can actually help you out of the troubles of bow legs. These exercises are for those who will need strength in the muscles of knee area. These exercises are made in such way that it can reduce the joint pain and also improve the bow legs.

Lie down on the bench, bend your knees and put a weight about 10lbs between the feet. Now try and bend your both leg until you can touch your butt and then extend your legs. You need to repeat this whole process number of times and eventually, you shall build a good muscle strength as well.


These exercises are kind of yoga and by doing Pilates you can actually improve the muscle strength, correct your postures and also realign your whole body. In the process of improving overall body structure and strength, it can also make you feel better in terms of your bow legs.
Lie down completely and now keep your legs together. What you need to do is to try and lift your legs together. After some time put your legs down and wait a bit. Now repeat this process several times. Just remember one thing, all time you will have to keep your legs together so that your knees stay together.


Yoga is not really an easy form of exercise. You need to be careful while doing yoga and you need to follow a lot of rules as well. But if you can perform the yoga in the correct manner, you can surely get benefited in terms of body flexibility and body alignment. Initially, the bow legs might become a trouble, but with time your bow legs will improve along with the muscle strength and posture.

You will need a yoga strap in order to get started. Bind both of your legs together. Now choose some of the yoga that will give your leg muscles strength and practice them regularly. With time it will become easier and you will be able to perform more complex yogas.

Massage Therapy

If your children are suffering from bow legs, then this is the technique that is going to help them out. Massage therapy is not for adults, so no point in trying them yourself or asking a physiotherapist to get on with it.
The procedure is pretty simple, you need to meet a physiotherapist and he or she will take full care of your children. In case you want to do it yourself, you will have to learn the procedure.

Make your child lie down. Now bend the knees and then push it forward and backward till knees reach the chest. With proper technique and practice you can surely give your child some sort of relief and if you can do these several times a day. Gradually the bow legs will improve and your child will be able to stand tall on his own legs.

Final Verdict

So in case you also have the question in mind, Is it possible to straighten bow legs without surgery, then it time that you try out one of these methods. You don’t need to worry about them as they do not involve any kind of medication hence no side effects, just start with some of these methods and see the difference in no time at all.