Survival life review

The Survival Life is a website that is centered on survival techniques during the times of both natural and economic disasters. The contents featured on their website are free to read for everyone and include newsletters, articles as well as an ebook. You can also download the pdf content to be read when you get the free time. The website keeps you updated on all the latest gadget launches that could come handy during the emergencies. Their latest feature has been the everstryke pro lighter, which is an upgraded version of the everstryke lighter. Survival life has mentioned that this new product has many advanced features added as compared to its earlier counterpart.

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On demand, survival life gives away their products, given that you are ready to pay the sum that would be charged for shipping and delivery. They also offer a 45 days money back guarantee on all their products, some of which get extended to 60 days.

Although there are a number of other websites based on survival techniques, one thing that sets survival life apart is that they also give away their products. Their products have also received mostly positive reviews. Although free trials are not allowed, they have a very reasonable pricing on all their products. For convenience’s sake, however, you may compare the prices before making your purchase.

Is it a reliable website?

The website is run by experienced professionals who have a firsthand experience about what survival really is. This makes the website more effective and practical. They also have a very fair policy when it comes to the purchases and keeps you sufficiently updated on all the latest releases.

What is everstryke pro?

Everstryke pro is nothing but a small lighter that comes with a metal capsule. It has a very high functionality as against other lighters. This fire starting device can be used to light a fire under all types of conditions and does not get damaged even under the harsh weather conditions. The size is very small so that you can attach it to your backpack via a hook.

The device is enclosed within a trim metal encasing which protects it from the water. So even if you happen to drop it in water, it is still going to work. This feature has also given the name “waterproof match” to everstryke pro. One thing to be noted however is that it is not a dual beam electric lighter like the Inferno Lighter but rather produces a flame through the wick.

Everstryke pro has other attractive features such as the replaceable flint and an easy to hold, sleek design. The replaceable flint is mainly seen as the greatest advantage as it makes the lighter last almost 10 times longer.

Currently, there is a promotion going on, which includes giving away some free eBooks and survival kits along with the everstryke pro. So hurry up and get our share. If you are still having a doubt, move on to the following paragraph that gives a detailed survival life review and whether you are to trust this tacky little gadget.


  • The lighter uses a Ferro rod and a wick to produce flame, both of which are totally replaceable.

  • When you strike the Ferro rod, it heats up to 3000 degrees, thus producing a flame that burns that over 600 Fahrenheit.

  • The waterproof match has a very long life, so you don’t have to go around replacing the wick every now and then.

  • As claimed by the manufacturer, each Ferro rod should give you around 15000 burning strikes. For replacement, both the Ferro rod and the wick are provided by the manufacturer.

  • The lighter uses an o-ring which keeps the fuel from evaporating, thus making it last longer.

  • The evertsryke pro looks very attractive with its sleek new design.

  • You can put it to all types of users, be it for lighting a fire in harsh conditions or lighting a cigarette.

  • The price for the everstryke is available on request. You will, however, be required to pay $6.95 extra for the shipping and handling.


  • The lighter still works if you drop it into a stream or a lake.

  • It can withstand rough handling. So you do not have to worry if you have dropped it several times.

  • The tough metal casing ensures that it doesn’t get damaged if it accidentally gets run over.

  • The inbuilt Ferro rod will keep the flame going even if you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere.


  • This only a lighter, not multiple gadgets compacted into one single device.

  • It has a small size. So make sure that you keep it attached via a key ring or a chain so that you don’t misplace it.


The everstryke pro is a great device, especially for those who frequently encounter the tough conditions in the wilderness. It is far more functional as compared to any other emergency lighter, thus making a good bargain for your money. Hope this survival life review has been informative and helpful.

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