Vitamin E Oil for Stretch Marks

Reducing stretch marks with vitamin E Oil

People are very conscious about their skin and any minor change in their skin causes huge trouble. We all have faced with the problem of dealing with stretch marks. So we have all been advised to use vitamin E oil for stretch marks. Here is a proper description of why you should use vitamin E oil and how you can be benefited from using vitamin E oil for stretch marks.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks can appear on any portion of the body where the skin experiences stretch or the place where the fat is accumulated. They usually appear on the tummy, upper arms, thighs, shoulders, breasts, buttocks, etc. Stretch marks occur in the area where a high amount of cortisol is present, and it is termed as Cushing’s syndrome.

When stretch marks appear there is no effect on the outer layer, but it creates unattractive indentations due to torn dermis or when the collagen fibers are stretched and become out of shape. Stretch marks are basically pink or red or purple marks which appear on the skin first and then gradually convert to the silvery white thin line. It is a burden for many women as women are more prone to stretch marks which they develop during pregnancy.

Reasons for developing stretch marks

Pregnancy : In a later stage during pregnancy stretch marks occurs. As the hormones secrete during pregnancy makes the ligaments around your pelvis soft so that it become more flexible. As the baby grows this skin stretches and results in stretch marks.  After the childbirth, they may become light, but still, the marks are not faded properly.

Weight gain: When a person suddenly gains huge mass then they develop stretch marks as the body faces stretching but it fades away when the person loses weight, but it takes some time. If someone does dieting regularly, then they develop stretch marks as the body faces gaining and losing weight frequently.

Puberty: During the puberty, the growth of the body occurs quickly. The boys develop stretch marks in their shoulders or back, and girls get stretch marks in their thighs or hips.

Why does vitamin E oil help to reduce stretch marks?

With increasing days science has evolved a lot, and researchers show about different types of sickness or physical deterioration which has increased day by day. People need to think about the pros and cons of everything before using them on their body. So whenever we come across the thing of dealing with stretch marks the best solution is Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil for stretch marks is an easy method for effective result.

Vitamin E is very helpful to deal with skin problems as they are wonderful natural antioxidants that help to fight against the free radicals and thereby slows down the process of cell damage in the body. It is an excellent treatment for any sort of illness or diseases and is very popular from old days. One can get vitamin E oil simply by opening the capsule or by buying a bottle from the shop. Vitamin E are basically used for treating wrinkles, dry skin, dry cuticles, scars, wounds, etc. as it can be used both internally and externally. So vitamin E oil for stretch marks are basically advised by the people keeping in mind, it’s miraculous properties.

Now the question comes that how does vitamin E oil help stretch marks after pregnancy?  Using vitamin E oil in the area of stretch marks will help to fade them faster. They may not get fully disappears, but it will take some time, and if someone uses vitamin E oil, then it will fade away faster.

How to use vitamin E Oil for Stretch Marks?

Anybody can use vitamin E oil on their skin. You just have to apply them to your skin, and it will get absorbed quickly in the epidermis. Vitamin E oil is quite sticky so the ideal time for applying them should be before you go to bed or when you are spending most of your time indoors.

The rule of applying the oil is to maintain a difference of 30 minutes before you do any activity. You can cut down a capsule and use the oil in it, or you can buy a bottle. One thing to keep in mind is not to massage them into your skin just let it absorb into your skin. It can be mixed with other ingredients and can also be used for other purposes apart from stretch marks as they have an excellent healing property. So vitamin E oil for stretch marks is a popular method nowadays.

How does vitamin E Oil help Stretch Marks?

Moisturizes your skin: Vitamin E is a great moisturizer. The oil of vitamin E is very thick so you can mix them with any other oil to create a thin solution which you can then apply in the area of your stretch marks. There is very less moisture in the area of stretch marks so applying them will moisture’s them which will fasten up the process of healing of the skin tissues.

Helps to block the free radicals: With growing age and change in the hormones, people develop stretch marks. The main reason behind the appearance of these stretch marks is the damaged that are caused by free radicals. Vitamin E fights against these free radicals as they are antioxidants which neutralize the effect of free radicals. When you apply the vitamin E oil in the area of stretch marks, all the free radicals that are present in that area gets neutralized and thereby preventing any damage to the future cells. In this way, it helps in skin lightening as well as removes any scars. Hence vitamin E oil for stretch marks very much preferred.

Cells regeneration: Growing of new cells is very important, and vitamin E oil acts as a catalyst in the process of cell regeneration. Growing stretch marks can make you look little age older but apply the vitamin E oil will help to grow new cells. This oil helps a lot in the production of collagen which is said to increase skin elasticity. The reasons behind stretch marks which are deep are due to many dead cells in that area. Massaging the skin regularly can soften the skin and helps to regenerate new cells. So the new cells with the supporting collagen make the skin look younger and reduce the stretch marks. So people use vitamin E oil for stretch marks.

Healing of damaged tissues: When some unhealed tissues are left under the skin, it results in stretch marks. The antioxidant properties of this oil heal the skin tissues and promote the blood circulation of that part of the body. It nourishes all the cells and blocks any free radicals that restrict the cell from healing. In this way, it softens the skin and heals the tissues to reduce stretch marks.

So, if you are suffering from any type of stretch mark whether deep or light then do not hesitate to use vitamin E oil as a treatment.